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MCLB was started on the back of Eastbourne Echo Facebook group which is a community group for the town of Eastbourne. It was flooded daily with business advertisements and the community feel was soon lost for other members of the group. The MCLB platform reversed this by allowing the group admins to send those promoting their business to an advertise page on their listings website. A link to the listings page pinned to the top of the group meant the businesses could be found by group members and the group was no longer just a spam haven for businesses. Everyone a winner!

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What tools does MCLB provide?

There are many great features to ensure your new website runs like clockwork!

Case Study: Eastbourne Echo

The MCLB platform is the same system used on Eastbourne Echo, a current successfull listings website.

Eastbourne Echo was initially started as a way to allow advertisers to promote their business without it being posted in the Eastbourne Echo Facebook Group but allowing the businesses to be found through a pinned post to the local businesses section of the Eastbourne Echo website. This is a win-win as it keeps the group members happy (by not having their news feeds overrun with advertisements) aswell as generating extra income from the many businesses in your area who want to advertise.

In just the first month of trading the Eastbourne Echo generated £1,813 of sales (recurring for each year).


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